Hi. I am Sana. I was the girl who never took care of her skin, only because I found that doing so would mean spending hundreds of dollars and putting a hole in my pocket. The only products that were worth the hype were well over my budget and what I was ready to spend on skincare.
And then behold – I stumbled across Korean Beauty and Skincare brands. My skin has since changed for the better and it THANKS me for it as it never felt this youthful before, EVER!! (OK, maybe when I was a baby it did). It was then when I really understood – Good makeup needs a healthy canvas!!

Korean beauty does not only offer high quality and effective skin care products but it is also light years ahead in its cosmetic innovations and technology. Even the Western beauty brands are now taking a leaf out of their competitor’s book!
So here I am bringing beauty to women here in Australia, right to their doorstep. No waiting week after week for your products to arrive through international delivery. And since I believe Beauty should be accessible to everyone, my objective is to provide competitive prices at KGLAM Shop so everyone can come and join the Korean Beauty community and transform their skins!
Come join me in my journey as I curate and bring you quality and effective Korean beauty products. I am still in the process of getting more brands in to my Shop and your support would mean the world to me 🙂


P.s. If you want to see a product in our shop which is not there, step forward and ask, If it’s Korean, we shall deliver ! 🙂